Our latest adventure will be remembered for some time . Once again we decided to go scenic , the highlands of Scotland here we come . 6 kayak fishers , new comer , a veteran all good friend . In each trip we all have some plan , mine was to catch a conger and some rays .We got up early in the morning , it’s mild but rather damp . Park and launch and loch leven is ours for the day . First stop at the cages , the tide is receding slowly and the bites are slow but interesting . The species grows fairly quickly on baited feathers or boom tactics .Gurnards , poor cod , thornback rays , Dogfish , Codling , and Mackerel we are all catching .The scenic is special , calm weather and some strong showers we are enjoying this special day . Back to shore later on for a quick pit stop I drift close in and land a Cuckoo Wrasse beautiful electric like creature . Something to eat on the rocky shore and then we head back in all direction .I anchor in deep water hoping for a conger , I got cod and dog instead . In the far corner 3 kayakers are hugging together stationary . I paddle towards them and it’s all smile . Lrf masters are into the wrasse , really light gear and the selection is amazing . Ballan , Corkwing , Goldsinny and Cuckoo too . Great day with many different fish species but the Light rock fishing from the kayak was out of this world .