As we all know , and reading from the past stories the Firth of Clyde use to be a mega destination for big cod fishing . 50 years later on we Central Scotland Kayak Anglers decided to have a go , kayak fishing and exploring . A really short drive from the big city Glasgow , Glen , Paul and myself are about to launch a mini species attack .
Prior to the trip we managed a few ragworms , digging here and there , not many but just enough to keep us going .
Light tackle ready , little hooks and jig rubber lures ready we paddled towards , nothing really far . The weather is cool , no wind , overcast with rain threatening , total grey Scottish outlook .
My today’s plan is to add some fish species to my ever growing list . The tide is light and the fishing is about to begin . In 30 ft of water Paul’s fish finder is showing massive activity .
The fun begin with a succession of catches , going on all day . Little hook , little fish but the variety is great .
haddock then colley , dab and cod , poorcod too , then whitting and goldsinny wrasse , Already 7 species without even trying .
I then fancied the small fox spikey shad and smeared it with some dynamix Wand . A few cast later a small pollock swallowed the lure .
Getting broke twice on the light gear I knew something bigger was lurking below .
Hooking a small piece of ragworm on a small jig head was about to produce the good .The rod bent double and I knew I was into a good wrasse . I got the net ready for the ballan wrasse , a good specimen .
Glen was once again into some proper sport . Playing a soft prawn his rod went nearly over the side . I thought something was going to break . Big splash about ,cool action to watch and then Glen lifted up a Clyde pollock that size , at least a 4 pounder ! To say the least a massive surprise .
Fishing the clyde estuary is fun . The fish are there and if you decided to go light , go have some fun ! But do go light !
Having said that the Clyde is not dead , it just need a small improvement , like stopping the trawlers harvesting whatever is left , making it a great place to fish again with rods and lines .