The Bonnie banks of Loch Lomond .

Loch Lomond is 24 miles long and 5 miles across at one point and locating fish is a little tricky . The bottom part of the loch is fairly shallow and the pike fishing is good . However today’s paddle if for the explorers , a total new challenge . It was good to meet again with Dan and Declan , my good kayak fishing friends . A little morning drive from home and I was into some proper scenery . The loch and the hill surrounding are  simply magnificent , this is  the longest day of the year and as soon as I open the door the midges were  biting .

I manage to get the stealth surf fisha 470 kayak down the rocky shore with all the fishing gears . Inveruglas we are , intermittent weather , sunshine and warm rain . We started to fish in the shallower bays , close in from the shore . We use spinning rod , hard and soft lures and a good wire trace for those pike sharp teeth. Fishing is way slow , the company is great though and the surrounding scenery simply amazing . Then we move on and paddle to the other side of the loch like explorers , eventually facing inversnaid hotel . Little stop there and a small bite to eat just to keep us going .On the shore , not in the hotel !

We then fished along the shore still hoping for a bite , in no more than 10 mt of water . I decided to head back to our launching spot . Paddling back across the loch is truly enjoyable , the clouds are low and the water below us extremely deep . A cool 150 meter !

Late afternoon amongst the best scenery in the world , great company and still no fish .Into extra time now and the thought of a blank day is about to cross my mind .None of this I quickly change tactic hoping for a perch .Light tackle in hand I fancy the jig head and a home grown garden snake , a humble fat worm ! The second cast bring immediate result and the rod bends double .The bonnie trout is on , man battle fish and eventually it’s in the net . I unhook the fish , making sure it’s going nowhere I capture a quick photo . And then release this wild full finned bonnie trout back

to it’s freedom .

Catching up with my friend made this day very special , Loch lomond is wild and the scenery are fantastic .The bonnie trout will be remembered, species number 16 from the kayak this year .And the adventure continue ……….till then ..tight lines all .