This trip was not planned in advance . The weather forecast had some cool easterly in store and rather than heading East we decided to go South West . This was just the time to try a new area , heading down South West we would be sheltered from the wind , kayak fishing behind the cliffs .
It’s early morning and the alarm goes , it’s 5am ! I consider another hour sleep . Glen , Tam and myself are preparing our kayaks and all the gears that goes with it , the list is long and you do not want to forget anything .The rocky beach , the calm sea and the cliffs looks an interesting place to fish . Ready go we paddle into a new fresh adventure .
Still very early and Glen is already playing a fish , a small Coley ticking of some new species . My rubber shad is fishing deep as I troll slowly and the reel drag start to tick away . I pick up the rod , it feels like a piece of weed . I reel in a lively Octopus and that is a first ! With all the tentacles playing and dancing I was not sure how to unhook the creature . I managed a quick photo , then got splashed with some black ink . The octopus was now stuck under the kayak and thankfully got his freedom back .
We then fished and drifted close to the rock face . The species list started to grow considerably , Cod , Pollock , Coley , Ballan Wrasse , Scorpion fish, Haddock , Cuckoo Wrasse all in small size but good numbers . We then went on exploring the rocky coast and stopped on a inaccessible spot . The place was littered with industrial fishing equipment , old nets , abused lobster pots , a toaster , plastic containers , driftwood and many deflated footballs .
We then trolled on slowly , Glen and his rapala floating lure was doing good , hooking and releasing many small pollock . We paddled toward a big sandy bay far in the distance , stopped there and paddle dig for some worms .
It was now time to head back . I stopped once more hoping for something special , slowly drifting . The rod bent and another pollock took the bait . The next drop was memorable , a first for me , a Cuckoo Wrasse , beautiful coloured fish , so beautiful it looked tropical !
Trying a new spot made this adventure so interesting , the Mull of Galloway was a great place to try .