Going East is always interesting from a kayak point of view . I have been looking forward to this trip with great expectation . The East coast just below Dunbar is one of those trip where the kayakers faces the sea . I invited Paul on the spare kayak and I knew he would be fine in the big element . We travel late at night and slept in the mini van comfortably . Early morning (old) Bill was chapping at the door , the sun was already rising in the horizon just above the sea . So early it was !
Just time for a quick glance at the sea state , no wind but quite rough out there . Spring tide and heavy lumpy sea we all looked at each other and eventually we all decided to make a go for it . We got our gears ready , the tide was receding but the lumpy sea kept us thinking . We paddled out and the further we went the waves kept on coming like big rollers .
Later on that morning the other chaps joined and we soon had six kayakers bobbing up and down a mile at sea . We fished best we could drifting and paddling . Scattered around like small dots I enjoyed watching my kayak fishing friends shouting fish on . The fishing was hard though especially for myself . I decided not to use the drogue in heavy sea condition to my loss . A few pollock here and there and a couple of small cod was enough to keep the warriors happy .
Paul on the spare kayak went from strength to strength , I was a little worried at first , staying on the kayak is a must and rescuing people is never fun at the time , but eventually he managed to hook and catch his first ever half decent size cod .
Five hours on the water was plenty , up and down fighting the tide and drifting like maniacs was proper hardcore .
We all survived another day and every one was please at the end .
Lesson learned . Group kayaking is very safe even in hard condition . We all look after eachother and if something drastic happen we can take proper safe action . Using a drogue is a must in fast drifting condition , however snagging the lure is very common . To retrieve a snagged lure the drogue must be pull back first and then a good paddle opposite the snagg and hopefully no loss . And that is hard work .
Finally , Every one caught a fish or two . But me ! The sea riding was fun ,enjoy the video .And tight lines all .