Loch Ken is a freshwater Loch and it is regulated by a barrage , situated near New Galloway , it is 9 miles long . I always like to try some new waters and invited 4 friends for this latest adventure .Tam and I reached the water the night before , we sat on the shore line , made a small fire to keep the midges at bay and enjoyed watching the bats circling above our heads . Next morning we woke up early , the water was glass with a lingering fog , beautiful . The troops have arrived and our first task was locating some pike . A little breeze behind our back we paddle and fished . With no fish to show , we paddled and explored the loch a little further . Four Red Kite , stunning birds of prey were flying close by . With still no bite

, it was time to change tactics . I opted for some legering anchoring in deeper part .The home grown garden worms proved their worth instantly . It was perch and ruffe and we were all catching . Ian got the rod bending and landed a fine specimen perch . Bigg toj enjoyed his far away trip , first time meeting some of the kayakers . Late afternoon we packed all our gears after enjoying a great day on the water . With sunshine burning our face we drove the scenic roads of Galloway back home .