Middle of May now and with this weather warming up I decided it was the time to head back to  Bass Rock . The Bass is situated near North Berwick on the East coast of Scotland , a volcanic rock sitting 2 km out at sea , home to a huge colony of gannets .                                I invited a few kayaks addict for this special trip but the easterly wind forecast  cutting across seems to be too much to handle . Just the two of us  them , Rob and I launching from seacliff , a beautiful sandy beach with the magnificent Rock sitting in the far distance at sea .                                                                                                                                                              We paddle out negotiating the first roller , just the type of wave filling up your kayak . At that time I was sitting in a bucket of seawater and eventually I drained the lot out . Rob was powering forward to the Rock and within 30 mn we reach our goal .Hundred of gannets circling above our heads , a few gillemot flying past and this 100 m Rock in the front of our eyes we were in awe .                                                                                                           We paddle close in to the Rock face and eventually reach the cave .We had no way entering the tight passage due to low tide , however a dozen seal were surprised to see us .They came towards our kayak , swimming right under with an inquisitive looks . At that time we left leaving those wild creatures at peace .                                                                                         The sea was nice with a good swell and the wind was light .The tide was gradually picking up and we started drifting at pace .Fishing soft lure for an early cod was not the best idea , so I decided on a baited hokky . The 6 ounce lead was just enough to keep touch with the bottom . We drifted along at some pace admiring the rocky coast line .                               Then it was time to paddle back  , a steady paddle against the strong tide . Ok we didn’t catch any fish . At this time of year the smaller cod are heading back inshore , still early though to enjoy a great day’s fishing .                                                                                                  bassrock 2016 a1 (1 of 1)bassrock 2016 a2 (1 of 1)bassrock 2016 a3 (1 of 1)bassrock 2016 a4 (1 of 1)bassrock 2016 a5 (1 of 1)bassrock 2016 a6 (1 of 1)bassrock 2016 a8 (1 of 1)bassrock 2016 a9 (1 of 1)bassrock 2016 a10 (1 of 1)bassrock 2016 a11 (1 of 1)We eventually paddled back to shore and negotiating the rollers was just fun .Been chased by a wave is not always fun with a loaded kayak and two rods sticking out .We made it safe to the sandy beach , unloaded our gears and went back out in the surf for some fun action .Today we lived , enjoying a beautiful part of Scotland ,the weather was great and we shall go back comes summer time hooking one of those cod .