From our point of view , sitting on our fishing kayak , Loch Lomond is truly a remarkable place to go . The loch is 26 miles long with many areas to explore .Today we tried the top end . Finding the water from the roadside is a total mission , small trek through woodland area , muddy holes along we pull our loaded kayaks . I met up with Dan and Dec , good friend of mine , and it’s always good to catch up with them .Small group kayak fishers can always share their experience and we learn from each other .Winter is over now , with still patchy snow on the hilltop , today the easterly  wind is cutting across , little cold still and rather blustery .We paddle on into wilderness .The lure box is full , today we are targeting pike .Our little spot  is scenic to say the least and the company is good .We paddle and drift , casting and retrieving our lures in different depth hoping for a mighty take .The water is still cold with no activity . A few hours later Dan decide to stop for a bit of lunch .Propulsing his kayak onto the shore trying to make a safe landing .Every thing go pear shape now with that blustery wind and we have a mayday .It’s a roll over in two feet of water , just enough to chill your bones .Nothing to worry about , a cold dip . However it is always best to keep all equipment in sealed containers , phones and camera especially .Disaster yes but we still have a laugh .Dan’s three piece spinning rod became a travel rod in no time , at least 6 broken piece now with no chance to fix ! Poor Dan headed back soon after  calling it a day .Dec and I carried on fishing for a while still hoping for a single take , just one single fish would make our day .With no luck whatsoever we both headed back in . And then we came across this human left over , the dirty truth .The dirty truth is the so call anglers leaving a big mess in our scenic Scotland .We found a bag , a huge industrial bag full of leftover including rotten dead bait , empty can of beers , leftover wood to burn , fishing lines and hooks , half empty bottle of buckfast , rusty knife set and dying multitools .Those folks have been lucky enough to enjoy this beautiful part of the world and unfortunately they made a mess of it .Enjoy the countryside , keep your wrappers in your pocket , leave no fishing lines (that endanger wildlife ) Leave nothing but footprint .Yes simply , in those wild scenic areas , please leave nothing but footprint .You can do it .Do it , do it …..Gail 2016 paddling dan dec-0015Gail 2016 start river dan and dec-0009Gail 2016 scenic weed 2-0025Gail 2016 dan scenic nb 2-0018