Easter Monday turned out to be a monster paddle right across loch Lomond to Ross dhu Bay , a 5 mile journey .Five kayakers hoping for a fish .The paddle was beautiful in the morning , the loch was glass .We follow our journey contemplating nature and I noticed the ospreys were just coming back . Our crafts were from different companies from 9 ft to 14 ft  and I have got to say some kayaks are easier to paddle than others .The trip was great and we stopped from time to time on the scenic ,wild little islands .Coming back the weather worsen a little with good gust of wind cutting across . My stealth kayak performed brilliantly .Five paddlers eventually became two , Glen and myself were still looking for that fish .We furthered our trip paddling over 11 mls . A fish or two would have been fantastic , the water is still cold and no pike wanted to play . Hopefully we will soon find some joy and eventually catch more fish but right now we can only hope .Till then ,already looking forward the next adventure .Tight line all .https://youtu.be/C5Eqw8SXl-k