Spring has arrived . My plan today was to head to Loch Lomond and try the bottom part of the loch . Locating fish in this area is like resolving a massive puzzle .The air might be a little warm but the water is still freezing cold .Tim and I paddle out for some soft lure exploration .The cloud cover is good ,some light wind . I fancy some deeper water casting and retrieving my lure and hope for an early settling bite . It is all about confidence in this type of fishing looking for that one fish .Lure fishing is exciting , you can expect a bite at any time . However the fish are still lethargic , laying low not wanting to play .With no success we paddle forward in the great outdoors trying another spot . My surf Fisha  Stealth kayak is a dream to ride . Super light the paddle is effortless . Afternoon now , little rest stop and still exploring new water .Tim is  now playing a good fish , beautiful unmarked pike .The fish is not ready for capture yet but eventually Tim subdue the beast .This is all smile now , just time for a quick photo to remember that special day .The fish is released free and it feels great to see him kick and swim away .We eventually paddle back and call it a day . Notice Loch Lomond is part of the national park , a ticketed water , where all fish must be returned free .