Great to be back on the water , this is now the time to head back on Loch Lomond . Loch Lomond is a huge piece of water , 26 miles long , 5 miles wide at some point with many dotted island , the place is scenic .Stuey and I launched from a small secluded spot , the weather is bright , hardly any wind , we paddle for a while into stunning scenery .The water is still cold though and my thoughts are the fish will be laying low .We work our way through  the first bay , soft lure attack with weighted jig head just to get into the right depth .The first fish is on swallowing a soft articulated swimbait , just a light fight this time of year .We paddle further on into scottish wilderness ,using the stealth kayak makes everything easier .The pro fisha 470 is a pleasure to ride , sits well on the water and glides effortlessly .The sun is shining and slowly I can feel my face burning ,  all those welcome vitamins entering my system , it feels good ,we are in spring ! We paddle and carry on our journey heading a little further again ,the Loch is Glass without a ripple .Next bay looks interesting with a lovely drop off . I work my fox spiky shad soft lure just above the weed bed and bang ,now  this fish is much better , fights good , short and little chunky . I unhook the predator carefully making sure both the fish and my fingers are ok . I pass over my special lure to Stuey , hopefully he will catch a fish .The weather is so bright and the water so cold and clear this is not the best condition .We paddle eventually back fishing here and there .Same again , I cast and retrieve slowly my lure and fish number three is on .Great company , superb weather (no frostbite yet ) and surprisingly some fish are biting .One last chance , At that time I really want my friend to catch something , unfortunately this is not  his day and those things happen .Seven good hours on the water , plenty sunshine , a good paddle and we eventually head home .It is just great to be back on the water , long last the great kayak fishing adventure .

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