When I woke up this morning I thought this was spring . The first thing I did notice was the rain battering the window . I slowly moved from the sleeping bag and climbed my way to the front seat and then open the car door and the warmth in the air welcome my thoughts . I could hear the birds whistling in the trees near by .There I am the Highlands of Scotland , and to be more precise Loch Leven . My friend Tam was ready as well and we slowly process in unravelling our toys , two ocean kayaks ready for a rough ride . My wife text me and said 24 ml wind where you are ,I check the weather right now ,what are you doing ? Well ,we are out fishing ! We paddle straight out from the sheltered slate bay into the open sea loch . The scenery is outstanding , the air is warm , a cool 11 degree C and the mountain snow is disappearing fast . Tam is nesting close to the shore line , better safe than sorry , it’s windy out there and hooked his first pollock . It’s all small stuff , but when the rod is bending that brings joy to your heart . I paddle and fish , drifting and then the rods bend over , reel in a small pollock . All good so far , we managed to stay afloat ! I tie onto a buoy and hope for more fish , bites here and there but the wind is threatening . We eventually go round the corner facing stunning scenery , Tam is staying close in and I drift madly along . Every turn is a twist and I wonder if I’ll eventually turn over . I face the wind and paddle strong and then head back to the quiet water . Another drift and hook into a small cod , little baited sabiki did the trick . Tam eventually say goodbye having to work the next night but I stay on .The wind and rain is driving me mad , vortex are on , the water is swirling in the distance , one more drift and a welcome Grey gurnard takes the bait , Species number three and still afloat . I paddle back in knowing I never made it to the good fishing ground where the fish could have been much bigger , but hey I enjoyed my day , It was twist and go and stay afloat .Till the next adventure ,stay safe !

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