Two weeks without action and I was already craving to go back on the kayak to  try out some new fishing spots . Another kayak Monday then ! Two of my friends declined the offer at short notice and I do not blame them , I decided to go solo . Solo can be good sometime , especially of Gourock on the Clyde Estuary  , I got the whole place to myself . I parked really close to the beach and worked out my way to the water . It’s really rocky there and I had to pull down the kayak throughout the rugged landscape .The weather is miserable , cold rain and sleet , a little easterly breeze with temperatures not exceeding 2 C . That’s Scotland mid January , and my fingers have started to get numb . I paddle out a mere 300 yards and hooked onto the nearest buoy . The Clyde estuary is not the hottest place to fish on earth , trolled out to near extinction . However within minutes of dropping down the baited hook I started to register some positive bites . Nothing big in sizes I started to reel in some bait fish , mostly whiting , some codling and a first for me from the Clyde I landed a Haddock . I have noticed a slight improvement from the past years , the fish have not grown any  bigger but they are now plentiful . I sat a while on the same buoy and then paddled a bit just to keep warm . Paddling makes your blood circulate again and trying to keep those fingers warm is difficult . The fishing is good , over 30 small fish landed and released and then surprise of the day catches the corner of my eye .The porpoise are back , a very small pod of 3 individual sea creature swimming near by . What a beautiful sight , although trying to paddle next to them at speed would be mission impossible . After five hours on the water , fishing and paddling here and there I finally rejoined  the shore . One of my friend living nearby is there to catch up with me and say hello . He shakes my hand , and notice how cold I was . I enjoyed the Clyde estuary like any over trips on any water , I got on with the cold knowing no pain , no gain and I shall go back in the future checking if there any fish left worth catching . CODLING-0019GOUROCK HADDOCK KAYAK -0026GOUROCK HADDOCK-0007GOUROCK WHITTING-0012Revive the Clyde as they say . Revive the Clyde !