Welcome to 2016 .
The new season started pretty grim weather wise . Early january and no one have noticed the days are gradually getting longer . The wind is still blowing , the clouds are still threatening and you wonder why we are still venturing out there .The best way to beat the winter blues is actually to go there , where it hurts . So we decided to go local and find out for ourselves if there is any fish worth catching . Local is Rhu , little village near gareloch next to the mighty submarine base . No one wants to go kayak fishing in the winter , it’s too cold , too windy , the fish are not biting and so on .We just go ! Today was shared between us , Tam , Glen and myself .We arrived early morning on the gritty beach and I got dressed first to avoid the nasty cold easterly . The first thing I saw was a rainbow , because it’s sunny and it’s raining .We paddled forced by the wind to the nearest big Green buoy and tied on the three of us . Light rod and baited sabiki was good enough to register some early bites . Mini cod to start the day , I don’t do scales , must have been 20 grams and then a whitting .We stayed tied on there for a little while then moved on closer to shore close to the marina .We sheltered behind the massive pier and fished on . Plenty bites about , enough to keep us busy and forget about the cold . And then my light spinning rod doubled over and I kid you not , it must have been over two pound . Could have been a wrasse or a pollock and on inspection my little hook was straighten . Not to worry , it’s still early day in the season and losing a fish or two will not make a difference , we are out there enjoying the scottish weather full on . We fished on still enjoying the day and then paddle back to our launching point ,the gritty beach .Today was our first outing 2016 .The fish tally was relatively poor with only 3 species caught . Saithe , Mini codling , and baby whitting .We paddled and sat about , and we stayed afloat . Who says the clyde estuary is dead ? The Clyde estuary is challenging to say the least .Tight line all through out 2016 ,get out there and fish .