Kayak fishing this year in Scotland has been remarkable . Kayak monday is becoming more popular and many friends have joined the weekly adventure . To celebrate the end of this year 2015 and the very last trip we took the high road and focussed on Loch Etive . The weather once again played a part , the forecast is always unpredictable and the wind strength is something well worth looking at . Here we are Monday morning , near Taynuilt , little highland village . Liam and myself shared the cosy van , much better than sleeping in the car , he layed down the bed chair and that was really comfy . The wind however battered all night long , a south easterly wind bringing warmth , a cool 12 C . The morning light slowly intensified and the car park was filling up nicely . Seven kayak fishers kitted like gladiator ready to combat the windy , gusty conditions . First plan was to head down the way in the quiet bay but eventually it was safe enough to paddle ahead into the great wilderness .The water was choppy and we all paddled at variable speed . A mile or so later we cowered behind the fish farm , our heaven for the day . Trolling or drifting in those extreme deep waters is an absolute no , it’s always best to tie on something and lower the baits down .The tide was high at this point and sooner than later the fish started to show , mostly spurdog and plenty of those . Gerard was doing great on his light set up fishing depth to 80 m . His tally was around 17 fish , great going and most of us were catching too . The species grew slowly with poor cod ,whiting , bull huss ,a couple of cod and even a small mackerel . The wind was gusting throughout the day , been part of a group made our trip much safer and we always look after each other in those extreme condition .We paddle back eventually and the last hurdle was paddling across the raging river Awe . I paddle up the river for a while till my arms were aching and then made a powerful dash across the river and eventually reach the shore .Glen did the same powering through the river .The last two men , new kayak addict struggled a bit more , the river was fairly low at that time entering the loch but they still managed to pull through and walk the yak on safe land .We finally packed our wet smelly fishy gears , shook hands and convoy back the winding wet roads back to our families . Kayak fishing in Scotland this 2015 has been totally enjoyable , we have made new friends , caught a few fish along the way (22 different species this year alone ) and we shall continue strong our spirited adventures throughout the New Year . So Happy New year 2016 to the fishing world out there , keep the lines tight and enjoy living life to the full .