Amazingly enough , today is my birthday . I choose to spend my special day on the big loch , loch Lomond .The weather recently has been very wet , it does rain every single day mind you , much more than it use to be . I manage to get my friend Andy to tag along with me .This is Monday morning and we are ready to adventure on the Big Loch . Balmaha , little village on the east part is looking rather damp .The water is so high we won’t have to drag our kayaks too long .We paddle towards the boat yard and two men are standing next to a building , waders on they seem to have wade the situation .The building is totally flooded , at least a meter above the concrete floor .They point a mark above the door and they told us they had it worst .We paddle on , the wind is pushing a little and the temperatures are mild .We paddle past the island , the loch is usually clear but today the colour is like chocolate .Using a bright coloured eel I cast and retrieve time and time again .The drift is swift and the fish ,wherever they hide are simply not interested .We then tackle a deeper area hoping for some roach or perch , I anchor and work the feeder rod . Maggot for bait and some good groundbait , I wait for a single bite .The clouds overhead are flying pass , with islands dotted around and Ben lomond for backdrop the scenic is magic . I then set up the dead bait rod , and I hook half a mackerel trying to tempt a large pike .This is worst than watching paint dry , the activity is none . Andy is not doing better either , the temperatures are rising a little more , the loch is now still .Today is my Birthday , I know the fish are smiling down below and we are catching none . Global warming is all here to see , it should be colder and much dryer and some days I wonder if it will in the future be even worst .The next coming week might be more interesting and hopefully we might catch a fish or two ,living in hope .Tight line all wherever you are and don’t let the winter weather bite .LOMOND BIRTHDAY NICO KAYAK STARTLOMOND BIRTHDAY ANDY KAYAK