Welcome to Scotland and the great outdoors.   Kayak Monday is on and is the one day a week where I  can finally disappear and explore.    Today is kayak fishing on Loch Lomond.  Entering the very last month of the year, at this latitude way north, the days are getting shorter and so are the temperatures.  Thankfully the window of opportunity is opening between two nasty storms.

ARDOCHLAY SOLO BOATYARDI arrive early morning and the rain is tapering off, the wind is dying and the scenic beauty of Loch Lomond is just in the front of my eyes . I unload the kayak with all the bits and bobs and dry suit on with some layers underneath to keep me warm.ARDOCHLAY SOLO OLD BOAT  The Loch is glass with little islands close by and then the Big Picture.  With snow capped mountains, Ben Lomond is on  the horizon, 3000 feet of it,  low cover clouds and some intermitent sun shine,  this is the place to be.  I paddle into this wilderness with one goal in mind.  Catching fish!  The water is much colder now and esox the pike is  contemplating the winter months in lethargic moods. ARDOCHLAY SOLO LURE I cast and cast my lure over and over again and fish them slowly in deeper areas, 15 to 20 seconds count down and then a slow retrive.  No fish wants to play and I paddle towards the next village, Luss.  The little chapel is sitting cosy on the shore and a man and his wife are fishing from the pier.  He asked me if I caught any fish and I shook my head side to side while his wife smiles broadly like she knows better.  The weather is bright, the water is cold and  gin clear.   Perfect condition for not catching.  I paddle away just to keep warm, my fingers are numb and then head back to the fishy bay.  Anchor is down and once again I work my way with a selection of lures.  In the distance something is catching my eye, looks like an otter at first but a closer look and it’s a big pike cruizing!!ARDOCHLAY SOLO sCENIC MOUNTAINS  I cast  in her direction but the fish diseapears.  The sun is now fading away and the temperature dropping sharply.  Today it’s called fishing and not catching and I wondered how many fish have followed my lure and decided just not to bite, not even a little bite, not even a sniff.   I head back home,  only a short drive away and Glasgow city is congested.  The traffic is slow and the folks are miserable, I am happy though.  My batteries  recharged and  the scenic beauty of Scotland will last a little while in my head.  Ride on next Monday somewhere wild and peaceful .ARDOCHLAY SOLO SUPER SCENIC WOOD 2