November on the water and the leaves have started to fall .Today’s destination is Loch Lomond .We have a new player also ,Kevin a young fisher who always wanted to try a day on the water .I invited him out on the spare kayak ,an 11ft Ocean Caper and kitted him out .The weather is great , just perfect ,with not a breath of wind we paddle out in scenic wonderland . My plan is simple , ledgering for coarse fish first and then exploring the loch and hopefully hooking a pike .Trio of kayakers we are peacefully sitting on the loch . I set my anchor and rope kevin’s kayak onto mine .Fishing is always slow to start but with a swim feeder full of goodies the fish have started to show .Maggots and garden worms are the perfect ingredients .We fish on the bottom in 20 feet of water and the first perch come to light . And then another one .From time to time I would scoop out some ground bait and build a swim .Ronnie ,Kevin and Myself are now catching .The ruffe have also started to show .In Loch Lomond, it is believed the alien ruffe species arrived after fishermen used them as bait. They have decimated native populations of a rare white fish called powan by feasting on their eggs .It’s now mid morning and we are catching roach ,a beautiful silvery fish .The geese have flew over our heads and it’s time to paddle on .We head towards the bottom of the loch , across it is five miles wide . A good selection of pike lures in hand we are now trying to tease a big lady , even a small jack .The fish are not interested , probably in winter mode now , they will not chase anything .The loch is flat and the mist is starting to show with a slight little drizzel .We paddle on and on ,nice and easy .The day are shorter now and the light is starting to dim .We paddle back to where we started hoping for more action on the feeder .It’s Five O’clock and getting dark , time to head home .So , we all had a good day .The scenic beauty of Loch Lomond is exceptional , we all had fish in our hands , and promptly released them all .But the best thing of all , Kevin will never forget his first kayak fishing experience , a great day on the Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond .

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