Oh well , I was just hoping for a friendly face to share the latest kayak fishing adventure on loch Lomond , but none of my friends kayakers turned up . So I went Solo . Solo means in this case , plenty water for yourself and a huge scenic display .The Bonnie bank of Loch Lomond is romantic , sometime harsh , 26 miles of water and some true scenic spots to explore . I set off in Balmaha , little village on the east part of the loch , some islands dotted about and a great expense of water . I foccused on the pike this time , still looking for that elusive monster .With a little esterly wind blowing sideways I decided to take it easy , paddle a bit and anchor for some action .Two rod set up ledgering for pike . Wire trace , treble hook , half a mackerel on one , two smaller piece of mackerel on the other . I sit  down right in the middle of the loch and looking towards ben Lomond , It’s really scenic .The morning is gentle and I am starting to get bites . The two small treeble hook set up is getting some action and eventualy I gently strike into a fish . It’s not a mighty battle and eventualy an eel brakes the surface .Yeep and not a bad size either . I unhook the creature after a few slippery attempt and now the fish is zigzagging between my leg , Eels are tricky to get hold on to and I release the fish back to his deepth . I released this fish back simply because it is a protected species in most places in Europe and particuliary in Scotland .Killing one of those creature will get you in a lot of bother ,consequensly you could find yourself in court awaiting for a fine .Loch Lomond association have got one step ahead in preserving stock making illegal to kill any coarse fish on it’s water ,and that is a good thing . Meanwhile the three folks fishing from the bank are having no much sucess , my bigger bait rod start to show some action . I try to hook on to the fish and fail . A small pike with big appetite trying to steel the oily bait without sucess .Now I am getting a little bit cold , this easterly breeze cutting down my bones ,Off I paddle .Two big rubber lures and a small troll just to keep warm and still no fish .I get closer to the shore and pick up a blade .The blade lure from austalia is just the job . Little heavy , sinks well and shakes like no tomorrow , a few cast later and bang . Again it’s not a monster but the fish fights well .Closer to the yak he leaps out . I grab the fish  just above the head , mind your finger and those sharp teeth .I got it ,quick shake of the tail and it’s back in the water , round two and eventualy it’s mine . I remove the hook ,take a photo and released the pike where it belongs .The afternoon is nearly over now and soon back to reality , I paddle back in shallower waters hoping for a perch but the seem to have disappear in deeper water .I paddle back to shore , not the warmest day out there ,two fish for  the day and plenty scenery and fresh air to keep me going for a week .Till the next adventure , BALMAHA EEL AUTUMN COLORS (1 of 1)

  BALMAHA EEL BRIDGE (1 of 1)    BALMAHA EEL START (1 of 1) BALMAHA PIKE (1 of 1)tight lines all from the Bonnie banks of loch lomond .