With a weather forecast just perfect , It was time to head back to the East coast .The east coast of Scotland can be productive late in the year ,cods are moving back closer to shore .Kayak Monday is on and the troops are ready .We all make our ways early morning and the car park close to the beach is positively filling up .Eleven cars , eleven kayaks ,the sport is gradually expanding .Good to see the familiar faces and great to see the new addict . It’s eight in the morning , the wetsuit is on with a couple of layers underneath , my kayak is ready . We have no rules in our outing , you want to join , you are welcome , even better , we will keep an eye on you and make sure you enjoy your day . Today the weather is superb , the sea is calm and there is no wind . We paddle out in little group aiming for the zone up to a mile out and let the tide do the rest .Today’s task is to catch a ten pound cod and the biggest cod wins the prize .Fishing is slow to start with , the tide is slowly receding with hardly any activity .The rods are out though reaching for the deep areas hoping for a cod .Techniques are simple , baited feathers , soft lure jigging and even the mighty pirk .The troops are dispersing gradually wherever the light wind or the tide takes us .Straight ahead there is the north sea and nothing else , just the sea . Above our heads a cloud cover with no threatening rain , on the left way out the coastal town of Dunbar and the beautiful rugged sea shore . Fishing is starting to pick up ,with codling here and there and a steady mackerel harvest .Yes the mackerel are still there and all good size too .The morning is peaceful so far and then right in a distance we can hear a commotion , there is two kayaks and only one head showing .Trouble ahead , I quickly reel in my stuff and paddle steady quick .Five minutes later we arrive to the scene , fortunately my friend is back on his Yak .Lesson learned , never try to reach for parcel in the back of your kayak , looking back and leaning will make you turn over . Fortunately with help at hand nothing was lost . All kayakers are now dispersed in a vast area , a small dot there it’s three kilometer out to sea .The tide is now picking up and the flow is racing . I stick on a heavy pirk and bait it with a small squid .This is instant hit fishing inches above the sea bed . A proper head shake and the cod is on ,this one is good , I reel in steadily , forty feet of water later , so close to the surface and I lose the (monster) , I inspect the hook and it’s straighten , lucky cod ,That was close !Then the ling are showing up in quick succession .One , two , three ling steadily drifting . I release those back to the sea . Late afternoon now ,seven hours on the water and time to head back slowly .I troll a set of sabiki , five little hooks and the mackerel are still chasing , my fish bag feeling heavier . Back to the shore now , some kayakers have left early and time to reflect on our journey .Ian the cod father of the day display his catch , a seven and a half pound cod with a head of a soccer ball . Well done that man ! I gut my fish , twenty one mackerel and a couple of cod and fill the cool box .Time to head home now and beat the traffic and get back to reality .Seriously , kayak fishing in the middle of october well out to sea can be addictive .Hope you enjoyed the read .Till the next kayak Monday trip ,tight lines all .SKATERAW 2015 START (1 of 1)SKATERAW 2015 NICO MACK (1 of 1)SKATERAW 2015 NICO LING (1 of 1)SKATERAW 2015 LOADS OF KAYAKS (1 of 1)SKATERAW 2015 ian cod (1 of 1)