Considering kayak fishing in Scotland is fairly new , no one would have predicted a competition this year . David took the effort and organisation and invited us to Loch Ken  a  9-mile long freshwater loch in Dumfries and Galloway .This 2015 edition was a great success from start to finish .Each competitor had a task in hand , trying to catch many different freshwater species , measuring those and quickly returning them to the water . I drove early in the morning through hilly countryside , wooded area waiting for autumn to begin .Nine o’clock start in a beautiful campsite , everyone was preparing each kayak .Most people came from England , some Scotts ,myself and a welshman too .The weather looked perfect , no wind , no rain and light cloud cover .Around 25 kayaks ready to paddle out , the loch is quite narrow ,Glen and myself heading south east progressively .My plan was to catch perch and pike first and then go for a bream and eventually a trout .We paddled slowly exploring the margins , I cast close to the lilly pad and my first perch engulfed the tiny lure . I net the stripy creature and process and measuring the beast . A cool 13 inch and that’s a good start .Glen meanwhile hook into a pike , good little battle ,measure and release his fish .We paddle further down the loch and I try to maximise my chances trolling two smalls lures out . A very small pike took the lure and again ,processing and measuring the fish , I use a board in this case and the whole process is tricky with a live ,slimy fish .Two species now and then we process into catching some bream .At this time more kayakers have joined and we anchor in deeper water . Bait fishing is fun ,I fill up a good swim feeder with groundbait ,one size 14 hook , a maggot and a single sweetcorn . A little wait later and the fish are on the move . A first Bream reach the surface and species number three .We carry on fishing in the same spot , Kenny float fishing even manage a pike .The weather is fantastic , and none of us is actually competing .Watching someone catching fish is thoroughly enjoyable even if down the line all this could turn into a prize .Many bream later we are on the hunt again and now trolling for pike .I use a heavier shad for this task and hook into a fish , grab my rod ,reel in ,the fish gets closer , jump in the air and , yes it’s free ! Soon after ,a few paddle stoke further and another pike hit the lure .Again the small creature slip out of my hand ! No photo for those two fish lost and no prize .Everyone is having a great day and eventually we all paddle back to base .Time to report our catches ,fill up the forms and get all the gears packed in the car . Hot soup , prize to the winners and a Barbecue , a good friendly chat with all the competitors and just the time to head back home .This event was very well organised ,the weather was great , the fishing was tight and I am sure every one will love to just go back .Till next year 2016 then , Loch Ken here we come again .LOCH KEN MANY KAYAKS (1 of 1)LOCH KEN NICO BABY BREAM SCENIC (1 of 1)LOCH KEN BRIDGE (1 of 1)LOCK KEN NICO GLEN SCENIC (1 of 1)LOCH KEN PRIZE WINNERS (1 of 1)LOCH KEN NICO BREAM HEAD SHOT (1 of 1)