This is the time of the year when predator fishing becomes exciting .This week , kayak Monday was fixed in the last minute .Chris Facebooked me and asked if I was going anywhere , but particularly where . I know Chris favouring the big freshwater loch , constantly looking for esox the pike .We arrived early morning on the Bonnie Banks of loch Lomond , and I have one thing in mind , exploring the Loch and concentrating in different areas .We set our gears up and Chris was quick of the marks .We paddled away surrounded by magnificent scenery , Loch Lomond from the water side is something to experience . First bay is fished proper ,casting and retrieving my favourite eel .Those soft lures are pretty efficient in deeper water .I cast and cast again covering and reeling close to the weedy bottom deep part of the loch .The cloud cover is spectacular and the rain is about to start , perfect condition .Early take and it feels like a snag ,The fish takes the lure and stop ,I reel in  and it’s a positive take .The fish is on , I strike just to make sure the fish is properly hooked and then the battle begins .Only 50 yards away and the fish start to run ,I set my reel drag properly and make sure the reeling is smooth .The fish is getting closer to the kayak and it’s a good one .I grab the leader wire trace and eventually grab the mighty pike just under the jaws . At this time precaution must be taken ,Pike have sharp teeth and mishandling one of those can be dangerous .My heart is beating and somehow my hands are shaking but esox is now sitting on my legs .Chris is now close to me and we both enjoy this precious time .A quick photograph as we do and there she goes back to the wild scottish waters .Ensuring fish are quickly released to the water is primordial in our sport .This is going to be a good day ,Chris is now enjoying some sport too .The fight is on and his rods bends double .His trout looking lure did the damage fished in mid water .The fish is now close to the kayak ,and he nearly gets hold of it .another try closer and the fish breaks away .Part of the sport , not every fish are always landed .We paddle on a tour explore through out the islands .This is wild Scotland and there is no one out there .We fish  throughout the bays . I try on for a perch on  a lighter setup and a wild brown trout takes the mini spiky lure .This is species number two .We paddle right across the Loch and the wind and rain is picking up .This now feels like kayaking at sea in the rough .We eventually arrive in a new hot spot but the weather is threatening .Little stop here and there and now properly soaked . At that time I am looking for a perch and  fishing this little bay Chris is now enjoying some more Pike , a good one on light tackle and then a smaller one .Plenty action to have .One more paddle stroke away to finalised our adventure back to the very first hot spot and hopping for an action replay , Already six hours on the water and a few fish , with miles of paddling we eventually call it a day .The wetsuit is coming off and so is the life vest .Time to dress up again ,Dry and hit the road back to reality .Today was magnificent in every aspect , we play hard and fish hard , we enjoyed the scottish weather thrown at us and we took nothing , just left a few foot prints on a deserted island .Ride on next Monday .

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