One last cast is the story of two kayak anglers embarking on an Esox journey hunt .Esox is actually a pike , one of those big predator lurking in Scottish water .Destination for this trip is  the Bonnie Loch of loch Lomond .The loch , a marathon long huge piece of water is situated near the big city of Glasgow , and although so close to the bursting  life , it is actually very close to total wilderness .Today Chris and I are going to try to capture a mighty fish . I got my usual set up , my trusty Ocean kayak caper , 11 foot in length and totally reliable , unbreakable , unbelievable . We prepare all our gears prior to launching .This is going to be great , the weather today is  like Costa del Scotland , hardly any wind and we are about to roast .We paddle towards the south part of the loch , stopping and casting  our lure repeatedly .The bright sunshine is just too much and the fish are hiding low .Trying and hoping is the word , cast after cast , nothing is biting , not even a small perch .The morning goes on , the bottom part of the loch is fruitless , the lures are hitting the weed bed most of the time and the fishing is dreadful . I then decide to embark on a long paddle , paddling and exploring is truly part of our journey .Two miles further up the mighty slick loch we are now  amongst some pleasure boat anchored quietly .Same again ,casting and casting and hoping for any bites . I then invite Chris to some more exploring . A loch within the loch . A labyrinth full of nature .The place is scenic , the sunshine is battering my face , this feels good .Fishing is just about to improve too , after many cast in all direction , something grab my eel soft lure . Fish is on eventually , not a monster but line is taken of the reel . This is close now , and I can tell the fish is only a few feet under the kayak , one last pull and the soft lure jump up from the water , the smart esox is now free and I didn’t even had a glimpse of her . I don’t get upset , this thing happen frequently in our fishing world . Chris and I are having a good time , good friends out in the wilderness .The clock is ticking fast and time now to head back .Great long paddle again , upper body working magic . Chris is now heading home and I help him lift his kayak back to his car , a two mans job ! I have another 30mn spare and head back quickly to the loch again . A little cloud cover is now filtrating , less light and time to grab my last chance . I paddle towards deeper water and I still fancy the bright coloured soft lure eel ,now with a heavier jig head . I cast the heavy load out and paddle a few stoke , the line is getting stiffer and the kayak stop .I grab the rod and its feel like another weedy snag but No ! There is something at the end and the battle begin . This time a good jerk and I set the hook in , the fish is on and I fight it hard , Eventually she breaks the surface and my heart is beating even stronger .The fish comes closer and knock my paddle over , with no paddle leash , my engine is floating away .I quickly luckily grab my paddle back and tie it on the side of the kayak .I grab the wire trace and then grip the fish under the jaw .Slightly just a little too deep and I feel the gills ripping of my fingers .The fish is now sitting between my legs ,The lure comes off in a blink and I am proudly holding a fine pike ,my biggest so far this year . A couple of photo and I release the  creature free back to the cool water of loch lomond . Finally I like to thank the Loch Lomond fishing association for the no kill policy on this water particularly . All coarse fish must be released free , Long live the pike .

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