We have been so lucky with the weather recently , with light wind in store and great sea we decided to head to Kingsbarns , East coast of Scotland .To make it even better we managed a grand total of 11 kayak fishers on the water . Early morning on the sandy , rocky beach and getting ready for a good paddle and meeting some new friends .The enthusiasm is getting bigger and throughout the year more people have been joining us .Sorting the gear is easy , it will be a two spinning rod set up and a selection of soft lures for me .This is competition time and everyone have been digging for a single Pound , making the prize money a grand £11 . We all managed out and eventually fishing began .I play a little soft lure relatively close to the beach in 40 ft of water and the first take is furious .This is Pollock country and you now straight away any of those fish will fight deep and hard .The first fish wins but the second one is properly hooked ,3.5 lb of fighting muscles . New kayaker Istvan is playing with his very first cod , and eventually lend it on the kayak , unfortunately somehow he loses his balance and totally capsize himself .Plenty help at hand , the man is straight back on his kayak . Wearing the thick neoprene suit , the cold dip did not stop his adventure .I made sure both his rods were strapped prior to launching  and a simple cheap bungee cord saved him a rod .The tide is high and fishing just average at that time , some kayakers were heading  in the deeper water looking for the biggest cod .Meeting new kayakers is great ,the sport is really flourishing . Most cod are relatively small , 3 lbers the most and then Duke hooked a surprise . His rod was bending without a great fight . A small Octopus holding a flat stone  is hooked . It’s not everyday someone catches an Octopus , the creature decide to velcro itself under his kayak . Plenty suction power there but eventually the (mollusc) heads back down to the sea floor .The rain is on and now the tide at it’s lowest , my plan is to head much further along the coast and try a new ground . Finding hard , rocky ground is the recipe for a big cod .The tide is moving on again and the drift is now on much faster . We all fish close to each other and all rods are bouncing .The best Cod are now averaging the 4lb mark . After 7 hours well spend on the water we all decide to call it a day and head back to shore . Ian is still out there , just a small dot in the ocean .Everyone is delighted with the catches ,  it’s a struggle to check out the biggest cod but eventually Duke ,the New kayak fisher wins the prize , £11 grand total .Ian is still out there on his own , and we are all waiting to see his catch . I phone him asking about his day ,he then talks about 3,4 pounders .Everyone is now leaving and heading home ,Duke the winner away with the prize money .Ian eventually head back to the shore and I check the back of his kayak . In there one fish catches my eye and I can tell this is a biggest cod of the day . A 5lb wooper . Moral of the story we had 2 winners on the day .Duke who took all the money and fair play to him and Ian who landed the biggest cod  .Thank you to all who participated , mixing old blood with new blood . Finally most fish caught were cod , a few good pollock too , some ling and a few big mackerel , even a specimen wrasse , but the Octopus was a huge surprise .Tight lines all and Kayak fish on !

ian master cod 5lb (1 of 1) danny cod 4lb (1 of 1)nico cod (1 of 1)  team finish (1 of 1) Ian master  (1 of 1) fishing boat 2 (1 of 1) danny cod (1 of 1)