Do Not believe in what the tittle says , first 2 words are correct but the word Harvesting is really out of context here as the only thing we do harvest is the scenery . Highlander is correct in all sorts , Highlands of Scotland , Yes we all vote Yes, magic scenery , landscape of all sort and probably the most enchanting place in this world .We got there by all means , our weekly Adventure trips . Mix bag of kayakers this time , The Five . Myself , Just about 6 years on the kayak , I do it every Monday , From East to West , a bit up  North , January to late December , cold or even colder I’m out . Simon , Hard core Kayaker representing the East coast of Scotland , A Man at Sea .Thomas my good friend , reserved and quiet man but always ready for the next adventure , and we have had a lot together and some really cool trips and some tricky one too . Chris , some people do work abroad and they are away for the whole month , but Chris will join us as much as he can when he is back . And then Charlie , Charlie is new to the Adventure and still learning , He will throw out  a sicky just to be on the water with us . Sometime life is just too short , and accumulating experiences is worth as much as accumulating plastic . We all meet on Loch Leven , Highland little sea loch full of surprises . Part one is going into the darkness and fish at night .The sea loch is flat and the conditions perfect , seeing is the thing though and with the darker nights coming along we are struggling . I get my anchor down in about 100 ft of water and Simon clip onto my kayak . Somehow nothing is working ,the tide is slack and the fish are not interested . Fish 1 , kayakers 0 ..My anchor is stuck ,we have been dragging a ton of kelp and retrieving the thing is near impossible . I try my best not to part away with my 3rd anchor and ask Simon to tie the rope in the back on my kayak . I paddle hard as I can and eventually the anchor is free , Result  ! We paddle to the fish cages , darkness total and Thomas is now amongst us . Fishing is slow but the dogfish are biting , relief .Heading back , smooth paddle  to the car and a welcome sleep . 8 hours shift work ,90 or so miles drive , 3 hours paddle and then all the lights are out . Next morning is early, Chris and Charlie are joining .Getting ready for a good days adventure .Brilliant start with the midges biting . Buff on , headgear , hats on the lot trying to repeal those beasties . Midges are nasty little insect trying to make you mad , only the female will bite .We paddle out into the wilderness , Chris is bang on the mackerel right in the middle of scenic Scotland .We all paddle forward to a left over buoy and tie on altogether like a kayak fishing convoy . Life is sweet , the fish have started to enjoy our presence and the free offering .This is kayak fishing full swing ,dogfish and then thornback rays , whiting , and mackerel , pulling fish after fish . The morning heat wave is on and my face is roasting . A few hours sitting there and then little paddle to the island where all the clan chiefs are buried , if you like history , this is the place .Thomas had some success too , fishing his little spot with cod and ling ,even poor cod , bringing the total species to 7 .Intelligences tells me there is some more sport to have ,the weather and the winds starts to pick up and eventually I set up a good fast drift . Little blade fast sinking lure and a good pollock hits it , and then a smaller one ,life is sweet ,species number 8 .We eventually all paddle back to shore , game over and we all shakes hands at the end . Long scenic drive home at last  , all worth living , Just a baby NICO BIG RAY (1 of 1) NICO DOG (1 of 1)

  pollock (1 of 1) The pap of Glencoe Harvesters .all fish are released free plenty scenic SIMON PLAY (1 of 1) SIMON PLAY RAY (1 of 1) SLATE BAY BOAT (1 of 1) START CHARLIE CHRIS  (1 of 1) untitled (1 of 1)till the next adventure ..Tight lines all.