We got stuck on Lomond recently . Loch Lomond is scenic though and it’s close to home .We are fish catchers ,but in the mean time we love exploring , paddling and enjoy a good workout .I go every week , it’s kayak monday I call it .Today we are three on the water and this might be symbolic , a Scotsman , a Frenchman and a Polishman all living and working hard in Scotland .Loch Lomond is a piece of water ,26 miles long ,5 miles across and 600 ft deep ,something like that .We are looking for monsters .We paddled from balmaha ,little end of the road village ,and the place is looking better and better .The weather is brilliant ,better than the summer we had ,a cool 16 C and no rain to start .We are all looking for something to catch ,perch or pike .Boatyard is coloured this time with some rain lately . Marcin hooked a perch ,drop shot technique .We really struggle amongst the boats , and then the paddle south .trolling for that elusive pike and they are some monsters in there .Next bay is the frog bay ,casting the frog in the lilly pads is interesting to watch .Fish are interested is gulping the frog but the weedless lure is proving unsuccessful in hooking the fish .The visual is brilliant ,you cast the frog and the big pike engulf it and then runs of .We further our adventure along and more paddling needed and then another shallow bay .The water is cloudy and some fish are willing to take .I am not going blank and the shallow diving lure proves to be a success again .I go paddle going straight then round and round ,the fishing rod goes stiff and the reel screams .Fish on , little jack pike ,nice and feisty .I grab the toothy character by the collar and tell him to grow bigger .One perch ,one pike so far and the only thing worth watching are the ospreys above our heads ,bonnie Scotland .We paddle back to our start way down the scenery .the weather worsened a bit .It’s now full blown Scotland with a northerly coming our way and a heavy soaking .I focus trying to catch a perch ,baby lures ,soft jig head ,nothing works ,no lack of trying though .We all paddle back and check on each other ,Nick just landed a small pike .Paddle hard ,fish hard ,team work at the end and no BlankLOMOND MARCIN START BOAT (1 of 1)LOMOND MARCIN NICO PIKE 2 (1 of 1)LOMOND MARCIN NICO JACK PIKE (1 of 1)LOMOND MARCIN NICO BOAT YARD 2 (1 of 1)LOMOND MARCIN NICO BOAT YARD (1 of 1)

 .Ride on next Monday