Another Monday paddling and fishing .There is something we look forward during the week it’s Monday Kayak fishing .We went local this time , the Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond .We got our kayak set for pike and perch ,spinning for the predator . Light  gears for the perch and slightly heavier for Esox the pike .The weather looked comfortable and with the dry suit on I felt I was going to bake . Got my kayak all sorted and casting a tiny lure  a couple of time in the shallow and I was already playing a little feisty pike .The condition looked perfect and eventually we paddled out into the wilderness .Two hundreds yards out a perch took the mini glittering lure ,Those perch are handsome looking creature . I unhook the fellow and set it free , no coarse fish can be taken from this loch and eventually this will extend to the rest of Scotland .Catch and release protecting wild stock . We paddle towards the first island , the water is calm and the roach are feeding on little white flies , this is quite a spectacle . We paddle then toward the bottom part of the loch , a cool 3 km at least . First pike of the day on a pink blade .Those metallic heavy looking lure were gifted to me and shifted from Australia , thankful return for a kayak fishing article , and there I was playing a pike on one of those . I carry on fishing the deeper water and was soon playing another fish .We pushed on a shallow bay ,so much weed the place was pretty unfishable . I switch on techniques using the frog .The frog is brilliant , it can be fish right amongst the weed and it floats . A dozen cast and a monster engulf the frog , I play the fish for 3 seconds and he comes off. More cast with the frog and I can enjoy watching the frog followed by a huge wake , no fish this time but it is fun anticipating a huge bite . We paddle on in the middle of the loch , the water is so shallow at times .Two men on the boat are enjoying the scene as much as fishing . As we approach them I notice they are putting on life jackets . Some people will never learn the danger of Loch Lomond claiming lives every years . Fishing the bottom end is fruitless , we paddle back hunting for perch . My pink blade is sitting one foot under the water and kayaking through a weedy area another pike took the lure .Game on ,  very unsuspectedly  the fish is taking lines and fighting hard . My companions are experiencing a very hard day’s fishing , fishing and not catching . Eventually one of them connect with a perch and little jack .We drive back on the scenic roads ,my face is little burning cause of that cool sunshine .Where’s next ? Ride on next Monday ,Already looking forward the next kayak fishing adventure nico pike start (1 of 1)Nico Pike  (1 of 1)Nick finnigan middle lomond (1 of 1)boats 2 (1 of 1)PERCH ONE (1 of 1)