Kayak Tuesday sounds ridiculous .This time I make an exception  .Every Monday I go kayak fishing but this time my wife Deborah decided we needed to spend time together .My buddies and I were suppose to hit the East coast and enjoy some summer weather in Scotland ,something we have not had yet . Monday was spent galavanting in the seaside Fife little town and villages . And there came  Tuesday and I decided to venture out solo on Loch Lomond . Loch Lomond is one of those huge loch in Scotland and trying to find fish in this expanse of water is complicated .I decided to spit the day ,kayaking exploring and covering water and also from time to time fishing . I set of in the little scenic village of Balmaha . I had my kayak ready on the side of the water with all the bits and bobs ready for a grand tour . I set up my rods ,2 in total ,one for the perch with a tiny lure and one for the pike .I use 30lb braid on both reel ,fin enough to cast and strong enough to fight any fish .I tried one rod with the tiny lure and within the second cast between the boats I was already playing with a feisty little pike .Great start to say the least ,I unhook the creature and let him swim away .I paddle out of the boat yard and the little lure was having more success and a small jack pike devoured it . A few minutes later a small perch had a go at the baby savagear lure , I played it quickly and released it , notice all coarse fish must be returned free to the water ,a recent welcome law on loch Lomond . I paddle out and headed down the way , south westerly little breeze in my face , I  felt good . I wanted to cover a lot of water and keeping good with my fitness , knowing one day I might need it .Half way across the loch , that’s 8km across ! I decided to cut short and head back to some distant island .I stop on one of those for a bit to eat and a refreshing drink and paddled again to the next island .With the osprey circling above I knew I was in the land of god ,the wild Scotland I love .I carried on to a little secluded beach and a few pleasure boat were enjoying the pleasant sunshine . I that point someone shouted hi Nick and I recognised some people I knew .Luxury boat in one side and my little trusted kayak in the other I just knew I had nothing to be jealous of as I was greatly enjoying my day . After many miles on the water touring many islands I paddled back enjoying another little perch on the weedy bay and then I gave all I had left for a bigger perch and eventually I capture and released the stripy creature ,Not a total monster Perch but never the less One I will always remember .Watch the video ,Scenic loch lomond ,a good paddle across and some fish .

BIG PERCH (1 of 1) boats (1 of 1)  kayak middle lomond (1 of 1) first cast pike (1 of 1)PERCH LURE (1 of 1) scenic boat (1 of 1)