There we are , another adventure on the water . Trying to make a group for this latest adventure on loch Etive was difficult enough . New Ronnie was good to go and so was Stuart the fish magnet . Destination loch Etive , a very deep venue with sheltered spot .We arrived there late as the light was fading ,usual pier near taynuilt .The car park look unusually busy with many campers . Quick check on the weather and that’s easy , a good North Easterly wind cutting across , plenty seahorses , some rain and the chance of heading out there for some night fishing absolutely nul . Plan B , I decide to move down to the next bay , way down the loch and probably more sheltered .We drove the extra few miles to be greeted by the extra scottish weather summer edition , just too wild and cold to even think going out . Stuart invite us in his big wagon , share 0.75 l of wine between us 3 and some savoury treats , some fishing stories and then straight to bed . Sleeping in the cars are the best option , not the most comfortable but easy enough to wake up and go . Next morning we are off , the 6 am start . The plan is to head to the fish farm , shelter and fish . The wind is cutting across and the tide receding fast . I lead the way , strong 2 km paddle with nasty scottish weather straight in my face . New Ronnie and Stuart are following back in the distance , I wish they would hurry up but reaching the fish farm will be impossible .I paddle back towards them , glad they are still afloat with great spirit in store . We cut across the loch and eventually find a buoy to tie on . Then we start fishing . The tide is receding fast and the conditions are poor but a sea scorpion come to light , little spiky creature , and then half a dozen of Grey Gurnard . Those fish are really spiky too and they look like they could walk on water with those little legs . Stuart and Ronnie are sorting out the mackerel , great to see them catch the fresh bait . We sit there hoping for more species . I feel something heavy on my rod with a slow pull . The thornback ray is on , something making the rod bend at last . I unhook the smiley fellow and re bait my small hokki and then another Thornback , little heavier this time . Great , that is now 3 species . Really poor cold summer day , soaked to the bone .We spend a few hours on the water , probably 6 hours and then head back to shore . I collect a hand full of mussels stuck on a big buoy on my way back ,they are hiding under the big marker float .Watch the video , it’s quick and notice New Ronnie paddling great considering this is his second outing , and at the end Check Stuart big Mackerel , that will make a proper breakfast !Till the next adventure . Summer in Scotland , humm , feels more like winter .

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