The latest adventure took us to the bonnie banks of loch Lomond . Loch Lomond is one of the largest water in Britain .We started from Balmaha , scenic tiny village , full of tourists  in the summer months .Early morning on the water ,three kayaks in total .We paddled out there slaloming through the moored boats  . First stop was between the islands , we anchored there hoping for some coarse fish in the deeper channel  .Swim feeder ,maggots ,home dig worms and all we were hoping for some activity down below .I knew this would be a waste of time , with a very wet summer we had lately in store the water was totally coloured , and the visibility nul . I decided to paddle on and fly fish for pike further away close to the numerous islands  . The paddle took us less than 10 mn and I managed a small pike trolling a deep diving lure .Catching a fish is always a bonus , I unhook the toothy creature and promptly let him swim back to the cool water .We fished on close to the island , nothing is biting , the water is well coloured .Time to move on again .Charlie is back today after 2 years of no kayaking .Bad shoulder but the man is soldiering on .This is not just fishing ,we are exploring the wild Scotland with no one in sight ,amazingly the city close by homes 800 000 people . I decided to paddle around the main island , the cloud cover around our head is phenomenal and the osprey circling above is magical .Back to the deep channel again ,we anchored there .I think hard hoping for a perch . A single perch would make my kayak fishing season species catch go up to 19 .Nothing is biting once again , and the rain is about to lash .We paddle back to the boatyard ,boatyards are always good , fish like covers .Nothing is biting there either so I decided to head back for another paddle .Stuart in his hobie pedal kayak is doing great , the pedal kayak is immensely powerful and fast . Last shallow bay and last try for a fish .The weed is covering the bay and the fish are hiding just below .I paddle through the jungle and spook some monsters .We decide to head home slowly . I cast and cast again drifting ,fish number two is on ,another jack pike ,small and feisty .I cast my favorite deep diving lure ,find the drop off and paddle away and then fish on .Nothing big but hey this is a perch ,a bonnie little perch I will remember for a while because this is species number 19 on the kayak 2015 . I hate to say my friends had no fish today ,one of those day .But our way of fishing will always be wilderness ,nature , adventure and friendship .Long last Kayak fishing and I hope this will inspire others .charlie scenic (1 of 1) chromin scenic (1 of 1) fishing boat (1 of 1) kayak net (1 of 1) Lomond start stuart charlie (1 of 1) Nico pike stuart (1 of 1) perch 2 (1 of 1) perch nico (1 of 1) pike net 2  (1 of 1) savage lure (1 of 1) stuart kayak scenic (1 of 1) stuart paddling away (1 of 1)