Kayak fishing in Scotland is becoming more and more popular . Only a few years back , a handful of kayak fishers would venture out in open sea , today we have a team . Every week we are exploring some new areas and this week we decided to head to the east coast of Scotland . A friend of mine really wanted to join us and try kayak fishing and I was able to invite him on the spare kayak . Late afternoon , early evening we arrived on the scenic beach , unloaded the yaks and straight we paddled out in the open sea . The sea was comfortable ,four of us well out enjoying the sun setting .Stuart was well into the mackerel first drop , and like a fish magnet he was hauling them in .New Ronnie was still afloat and I was glad to see him play his very first cod . Tam hooked into a light coloured cod as the light was fading . Midnight out at sea on the kayaks catching some fish makes our hearts ticks .Cod catching for me was null so I opted for mackerel with a string of feathers and the sport began .We headed back to the beach camp , Ronnie shook my hand and I could tell he really enjoyed himself out there .We all sat on the bench with some fishing stories to tell and then straight to sleep . Next morning more kayakers joined us early and I was amazed to count 11 fishers ready to paddle out  . In small groups we headed out in the comfortable fishing zone with depth averaging 40 to 70 ft .Everyone was having fun ,

Dunbar 1 pollock (1 of 1) Dunbar 3 cods (1 of 1) Dunbar 5 ronnie (1 of 1) JEOFF COD (1 of 1) Dunbar 2 kayaks (1 of 1) Dunbar 4 mackerels (1 of 1) Dunbar 6 macks (1 of 1)couple of cod to lb 5 came to light , many more mackerel , I mean many ! Some ling , Wrasse and pollock also .The weather was great , not even warm and the sea nice and flat . It was great to see so many kayaks on the water enjoying some fine summer fishing , And I guess Ronnie will never forget his first day sitting on the kayak hauling and releasing plenty of fish .Till next trip .Tight lines all .Nicolas