It’s summer in Scotland and we need to make the most of it . Summer in Scotland is light from 4 am and only get dark at 11pm so we need to enjoy every second of our short summer  .This week we went back to the east coast , kayak fishing near Dunbar .Only 3 of us , Stuart , Malcolm and myself . I love the journey heading to a prime fishing location . It’s sunday evening and this is my time .We arrived on the beach and the sun is about to lie down but we have one thing in mind , going out there to sea and torment some fish . It’s the cod we are after and we progressing in soft rubber lure fishing .Stuart and myself are the sea riders ,we could just shut our eyes and paddle ,and from time to time we enjoy the sea roller coaster . Malcolm is new and joined us recently ,he rides the stealth kayak ,very light and long , purely unstable . He wants out and we are happy to keep an eye on him .Safety is paramount in our sport and we are old enough to feel the playing ground , respect the sea . Fishing is slow .The light is fading quickly and the swell is comfortable .We are a km out at sea and it feels great . Malcolm hook a small codling and I feel happy for him .I drift a small soft lure in 40 ft of water and eventually hook into a half decent pollock . At that time we are near darkness although we can still see the horizon and the coastal landscape we are paddling home .We organise our sleep ,we sleep in our cars , it’s not super comfortable but at last we know we are ready to go the next morning .We get up really early the next morning and head back out to sea .The wind is swinging around from the west and the sea is lumpy although enjoyable . I really enjoy teasing those cod on the light spinning rod . I fish really close to the sea bottom and swim my lure about till I feel a bump and then a take . Fish today are quite small , lb1 to lb2 and nothing to boost about , but still some fun .The ride is fun and we are drifting constantly ,eventually I hook into this fish and know straight away it’s a pollock .The dive ! Once hooked the pollock will dive at speed trying to head back to the kelp forest . My job is to stop that train .The reel will sing for a short while and then the slow retrieve .Eventually the fish break the surface and I hand net it onto the kayak .Job done .We head back to the car park for a little rest .3 hours at night and then 5 hours in the morning ,the adventure is still going .We head back out again at low tide and within an hour the tide was gathering speed .Again I was having some fun hooking those small cod .We paddle back and finished our trip .Fishing was reasonably poor on this occasion .I forgot to add . hooked into a launce , a very big sandeel during the morning session and decided to stick a lead head to it .Within a minute I was playing a cod .The launce was still there , so I dropped it a second time and then another cod tried to eat it .Bingo .Fresh bait is the best .Watch the video ,images are worth a million words and tight lines .

Nico pollock at night (1 of 1)malcolm kayak scenic (1 of 1)Fresh and live sandeel cod  (1 of 1)Beach start stealth kayak (1 of 1)Beach start sunny nico kayak (1 of 1)