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Total wilderness ahead , Loch Ba is not to be mixed with little fishless ponds . Loch Ba is the adventure .Situated on the rannoch moors the place is scenic and wild .The loch itself is probably 3km long with many little islands dotting the place . Fishing can only be tackled from the shore or kayaks , it would be foolish to take a boat on this shallow water with many little stones sticking out here and there . Fishing is wild , brown trout is the quarry and perhaps a perch too . All fish are released too , most of them are small and wild so we give them respect and a chance  .There is no rubbish to be seen either and littering this wild place is unimaginable , you see it wild , you leave it wild ,take your plastic wrappers home and stick it in the bin (easy) .This is the last wilderness close to the main road , the little midge are plentiful and if you are not prepared they will draw blood .Respect this land if you ever have a chance to discover it .It’s Magic