The greatest adventure has started , kayak fishing trip to Skye . Heading to Skye is great , taking a motorhome to Skye is comfortable and brilliant , adding 2 kayaks and a very good friend is magic . We have been looking forward to that trip for a very long time , even anticipating .The weather was not playing god in this remote western part of Scotland but luckily we were able to change our dates . Ready in no time we eventually took the high road to Portree the little scenic and touristic capital of Skye .The drive took us 5 hours and this is the first time I actually took my eyes of the road ,beautiful Scotland , mountains , glens, rivers and loch , clouds and sun , villages and cottages .We arrived in our secluded wild spot late afternoon with one thing in mind , preparing our kayaks , and heading out to sea for some proper action .Yes we did not have to wait too long and the very first fighting pollocks came to light .Those fish are like loaded spring , once they are hooked they dive in no time in the deeper waters trying to escape in the dense kelp forest . Like true anglers we already knew the fishing tactics . Rubber eel , soft lure magic , all size , colours and shapes we teased out those bronze looking sea creature from the bottom to the top .Time after time we hooked , play ,  fight and quickly release all those fish . On day two  we get up very early , drifting along the rugged coast .The wildlife is interesting , otters and mink close to the beach , dolphin and seals further out to sea and fulmar , guillemot and gannets flying about . Fishing from the kayak is exciting , the weather is changeable and so are the scenery . Few more days of this and we paddle and explore even further .The variety of fish is expending too , mainly pollock but also cod and ling , colley and the first sign of mackerel , 23 exactly caught in very deep water . Late evening we meet the few tourist , mainly German and Dutch enjoying the wild Scotland , interested in our fine catches .We head back home eventually with sun on our faces , plenty images in our heads and arms like schwarzenegger .God ! this was a good trip ! skye big pollock fox lure (1 of 1) skye nico pollock stuey (1 of 1) skyestuey cool shot (1 of 1) skye scenic beach  (1 of 1) skye seal (1 of 1) skye stuey kayak (1 of 1)skye oursin (1 of 1)