Ever ever  though you could catch the wrong fish . Most fishermen out fishing will target certain species on the day . I set up for pike today , pike on the fly , pike on the lure .Kayak ready we just headed for a total new spot . Loch Lomond is huge , 20 plus miles long and 5 miles across finding fish can be tricky . New spots is always great , new scenery and new expectation . I knew deep down not many fish would be caught on the  day .Tam open the score landing a sea trout , a beautiful marked fish quickly returned .You want a pike , you catch a trout , hard to choose sometime . We paddle and fish close to each other in this open space  , with Ben Lomond for scenery . I knew fishing was going to be hard but eventually I hooked into this beast of a trout , played it and eventually netted and released this fish free . Wrong fish though , I wanted a pike and got a trout .

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