This 2015 kayak fishing season has been a mixed adventure so far , today we are participating for a great cause . Harelaw Dam trout fishery was having an event trying to raise some well needed cash for the Beith Cancer Hospice and this was a great opportunity to sample a new water. Harelaw fishery is situated well up the hills and offer  over 3 miles of bank fishing and 102 acres of water to fish the drift . A short distance drive from the big city we started the day in awesome scenery .Typical Scottish weather to start the day , low cloud cover and rain from the heaven . We all meet in the comfortable hut and with a wood burner in the middle of the room all was fine , we enjoyed gathering some heat . Four kayaks on the water , all passionate anglers we paddle towards wilderness . Slowly enjoying the landscape , passing little islands we drifted towards the end of the loch .This is a pike fishing event , fly rod in hand , wire trace and big enough fly I was enjoying the very first cast . My set up was really heavy for trout fishing and after numerous hits I managed to land this pristine rainbow trout .The fish duly jumps out of the water but was shortly netted and released . Later I changed tactics , fox spiky rubber shad and another tug , this time a small pike , really close to the kayak he broke free .The over lads were enjoying some great action , mostly trout though .The weather slowly improved during the day ,from bitterly cold to a medium cold , from total cloud cover to medium spell of sunshine . Later during the day I played another small pike this time on the deviator and unfortunately he did not want his picture taken , Doh ! another miss . We eventually paddle back to the warm hut late afternoon .So .1) Thank you Harelaw fishery for organising this event raising other a £1000 in mixed donation . 2) Thank you for letting us kayak and fish in this brilliant scenery , and hopefully we might just go back . harelaw hut nico declan (1 of 1) harelaw silver trout (1 of 1)harelaw wind mill (1 of 1)harelaw declan dan kayak midddle (1 of 1)

Only 20 mn away from the big city ..