Those are the journeys in life you want to remember .Totally hooked on kayak fishing adventures I really fancied a trip North in the Highlands of Scotland .Kayak fishing on one of those wild Rannoch Moor would just take my breath away . I decided to head in total wilderness with my good friend Tam . Like everytrip we head late at night to our launching spot .Got to say the Scottish weather is pretty unsettled at the moment ,strong wind coming from the west and a typical rainy forecast .We sleep in the car like every other trip prior to our adventures , it’s not pure comfort but with a double sleeping bag and an inflatable mattress this is absolutely bearable .The wind and rain batters the car all night long and  high in the mountains the temperature this time of year is for once for all not too cold . Early morning I wake up and the sun light is already showing in the horizon .The low clouds covers the whole scene with snow caps hill tops and a huge rainbow blending makes this place totally amazing . We organised our kayaks and all the gears for the day ,we jump into the dry suit and ready we go .The loch is wild ,nearly three miles long dotted of numerous small islands and many rocks sticking out of the water .Today’s task is to capture some wild  brown trouts using the fly rod and a couple of wet dark flies ,my favorites .Fishing is slow to start and with depth averaging a few feet the fish are not biting yet .We head out in total wilderness and the wind is blowing right across , I make good use of the anchor and position my kayak with the nasty wind right behind  my back .Many cast later I eventually hook into not just but a couple of those feisty trouts . I bring them to the net and they were like dancing . A quick photo and I return those babies to the coolest of water .The day goes on and we paddle into this amazing landscape , islands , little creeks , rocks here and there . After a few well spent hours playing hide and seek and another trout and another missed trout we covered and stay put waiting for the weather to settle a bit .This is Scotland mid May and we are about to get totally bombarded by a hail storm .The kayaks are quickly filling up with thousands of white ice balls and with our head faced down we are still having a laugh .Fishing is difficult and staying afloat in this remote part is just drastic .We paddle back to the cars , heads full of images and shall remember this day as one of a Hail day in remote wilderness .On a sad note ,on one of the islands I noticed some plastic rubbish , left over carry out and some broken beer bottle .Got to say spoiling this wilderness is totally irresponsible ,either you stay home or if you are lucky enough to experience this way of life you leave this pristine place the way you found it .Till then tight lines all .BA double trout net (1 of 1) BA carpark pond super 1 (1 of 1) BA tam flyfishing (1 of 1) BA rock water super scenic kayak nico (1 of 1) BA nick trout tam (1 of 1) BA tam harcore kayaking (1 of 1) BA TROUT TAM (1 of 1)