Bank holiday kayak Monday         . Kayak Monday is really popular those days , a kayak fishing trip organised every Monday , rain or shine . With the sport growing considerably and a Bank holiday this time we managed no less than 9 kayaks on the water . I chose Loch Lomond , one of the biggest water in the Uk . Fishing the bottom part of the loch was taken into consideration , shallow water and weedy bays . Everybody made it to the launching point and we had to make sure we had enough parking space close to the loch , not always easy .We paddled out with snow capped Ben Lomond looking in the distance . All we had in mind was Pike and trying to catch one was an added bonus . We spread out a little giving fellow kayakers casting space and kept an eye open .Gerard opened the scoring quickly , a little feisty pike taken on the fox soft rubber lure , and then another one in the same little spot . We paddled following the numerous bays and anchored from time to time , sometime drifting in the light wind . Mark then had a fish too , always good to see a fishing new comer hooking into something . I race towards him and help him release the small pike .Those fish have around 200 teeth and each of those are razon sharps . I unhook the slippery cool looking creature and was surprise at the selection of tackle he used , a shiny mackerel lure ! We carried  on a little further fishing really closed to the shore in very shallow water . At that time most friends had fish , totalling nearly a dozen , Chris and Gerard doing good with three each .Then Nick jokingly asked me if I had anyfish yet . Within 5 seconds of his funny remark I hooked into a fish on the fly rod and all the fellow yakkers seems please for me and then the fish came unhooked ! Dam it ! .The pressure was off and all I needed was to slow down my retrieve . I hooked into another fish , again not a monster but fighting it with the fly rod  made my day .The fly rod was curving nicely and the fight was one , good fight this time on light tackle . I got the fish close to the kayak and gilled  it without losing any fingers . At that time I felt really good , and the trip was going great .Then Tam had a fish too and I was really please for him . The afternoon  was consuming itself at great pace and most of the troop called it a day . I paddled back once more out after saying cheerio to my friends and rejoin Nick . Fly rod in hand I hooked into another small fish , played it , grabbed it and eventually he quickly escape my grasp . I really enjoyed the day afloat , with numerous fish caught and released . Group kayaking is somehow very interesting and we can all learn from each other , paddling and enjoying this sport safely .Till then , tight lines all .LOMOND 12 PIKE GLEN SCENIC (1 of 1)LOMOND 12 PIKE CHRIS PIKE 2 (1 of 1)LOMOND 12 PIKE NICO PIKE (1 of 1)LOMOND 12 PIKE LIAM PIKE SCENIC (1 of 1)