Late  April in Scotland and a new kayak fishing adventure .With the sea not producing any fish yet we decided to head to the Big Loch ,Loch lomond .3 kayaks on the water this time , Myself ,the other Nick and new comer Mark on the spare kayak .The launch was scenic with dotted islands across the big loch .Temperature really cold this time to start with but no rain and no silly wind .We paddle to those shallow bays ,weedy area where fish can be found .The first fish , a feisty pike is played quickly and landed , I use in this case a light spinning rod and a fox spiky soft lure . Nick’s hook a better fish ,double figure pike at least and the battle is fierce . Eventually at the last second the fish breaks free . Nick’s heads out to another bay and comes back with a sore finger ,never put your fingers in a pike’s mouth , ever ! We paddle further into the scenery ,the weather by that time is gradually getting worse .Blustery cold wind coming across and eventually sleet then little snow . We take a quick break behind a tree and try to keep warm . During the day a fly fisher hooked and release a pike and that is just enough to make his day .Standing in cold water any length of time takes some really good courage . I manage to film Nick’s battle with the Go pro and I have got to say I love this little camera .We paddle back to the launch point a little bit early than planned and that is due to the miserable Scottish weather ,you think you are in spring but it really is winter .We played hard ,we got really cold ,we caught some fish and eventually we will go back teasing those toothy Gritters .Esox the pike we love you .CHROHMIN NICO PIKE 2 (1 of 1) CHROHMIN SAILING NICK (1 of 1) CHROHMIN SNOW  (1 of 1) CHROHMIN NICK HAND  (1 of 1) CHROHMIN NICK SHORE FISHING (1 of 1)