skaterau nick and chris 2 (1 of 1)skaterau start paddle tam nick (1 of 1)skaterau start (1 of 1)skaterau fish (1 of 1)The temptation of going East is always great and with the weather condition looking not too bad we decided to head below Dunbar , East coast of Scotland . We drove across the country early morning and the traffic was pretty sluggish on the main arteries with countless of folks heading back to work , after all this is Kayak Monday . Arrived on the beach at very low tide with a single cockle picker for company . The Sea , miles of it looks reasonable , light wind and a bit lumpy . The weather is fine , mild and slightly overcast . We unload the kayaks , dragged our machines on the rocky , sandy surface and eventually paddle away in the distance . The paddling is steady till we reach the good ground roughly 3/4 of a mile out . Soft lure fishing for me to start the day , drifting over rough and very snagy ground . Feathers and baited hokki for my friends . We stay close to each other , always checking the water from time to time and doing a head count , still 3 kayaks upright , that’s good . The conditions today are for approved kayakers , well out to sea with a strengthening tide . My Hobie kayaking friend is not feeling too good , up and down like a yoyo he is kind of feeling sea sick . We eventually paddle closer to shore sheltered in the concrete harbour and I paddle to say hello to the lobster fisherman . His boat is rocking , we made eye contact and gratefully he dropped a small cod onto my kayak , good man ! Those fish manage to enter the crab pots from time to time and this one got dinner written all over it . This will make a good fresh cod supper later on . We carry on fishing and I have got to say no one is doing great , some bites here and there , small pollock but nothing great . I drop some cod feather right down , drift and eventually my rod start rattling real good . 20 turns on the reel forward and there is a string of little Coley , Saithes , Four small fish waiting to be quickly released . No blank unhappy fisher going home later , catching fish makes your day on the water much more enjoyable . We paddle back eventually to the shore , all safe and well with no tackle loss after five good hours on the water , sadly with hardly anything to report . The sighting of the first gannets flying close by made my day . This trip came a little too early in the season , with the water warming up slowly the forthcoming months looks promising . From the kayak sea riders ,tight lines all